Legend has it that the origins of Auletta derived from Enea trip to Rome, during which the nocchiero Palinuro, a victim chosen by Neptune to assure that all the other a safe journey, he died not far away on the Tyrrhenian coast of Salerno. His travel companion Auleto did not want to leave it alone, it remained buried and the next, taking with him his possessions and some planting olive. Auleto, remained in these lands and wandering with all that he had stopped on the left bank of the river Tanagro (Negro), the entrance of the forest "Otter", behind the Cave dell'Angelo, foothills along the road that united Poseidonia (Paestum) in Vallo di Diano giving rise to an urban center that took its name. (News taken from:




Auletta of The village is flanked by River downstream Tanagro that crosses the whole territory to cross with the White River tributary near the industrial Buccino, also falls in the perimeter of the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano .

To visit the historic center of the town of Auletta, in particular: The Castle marquis (Scanderberg), the Palaces, The Casino of monks, the Church of San Nicola di Mira, the church Santa Maria Assunta.

In addition, the remarkable landscape and environmental importance are: the Alburni Mountains, Monte San Giacomo, the Tanagro River (which flows downstream of the Caves dell'Angelo from which it receives in part the waters, taking particular aspects, with small waterfalls, lakes and with the presence of vegetation elsewhere traced), the Grotta dell'Acqua (this "grotta" marks the border with Auletta Polla, and Petina Corleto Monforte).


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