Tortorella is the picturesque village in the hinterland of the Gulf of Policastro located on a steep hill overlooking the deep gorge of the river Bussentino, to 580 meters. It is part of the Cilento National Park and the Mountain Area Bussento.

The baronial palace of the Counts Carafa, placed in the center of Tortorella, once was an example of harmonious architecture of the sixteenth-seventeenth century. In the courtyard of the Palace still stands out in the stone pit, undertaken by an unknown  marble worker of Padula, decorated by figures of Antony and Cleopatra, Caesar and Livia.

Porta Suctana  is the old port in the country located in the lower part dating from the time of the Middle Ages.

To see the cross with ancient carved stone base, located outside the side road.

Very characteristic the way of Puparazzi, an ancient medieval streets of access to the country, with paving stone.



To visit the ancient churches of Tortorella including the Cathedral Church of the Collegiate, the church of S. Vito and the church Maria SS. Martyrs.

The territory of Tortorella has a flora particularly interesting because of its diversity, characterized by a significant number of species and varieties. In just 5 km you will pass from 1480 meters s.l.m. Mont Serralunga 50 meters of the site Mocchi: tortorellese territory covers a range of mountains, hills, cliffs and river courses shaped and more disparate.


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