Camerota/Marina di Camerota

Camerota, famous seaside resort on the coast south of the Cilento, is known for its port (Marina di Camerota) and its splendid beaches. Its name probably derives from the greek kamaròtos "bent" or from Latin camurus "curved". In both cases refers to the many limestone caves in which it is still possible to find relics dating back into the Paleolithic era archaeologists. The coastline extends from the "Cave of the Cyclops" (close to Palinuro) in Porto Infreschi (a paradise for lovers of diving and rocky beaches). 



Specifically the area includes west coast areas and localities of Grotta del Ciclope, Cala del Cefalo, Cala Finocchiara, Cala d'Arconte (with an island adjacent) and Calanca. To the east there are Lentiscelle, Cala Fortuna and Monte Cala Luna, Cala Bianca, Pozzallo and Infreschi.

In one of the caves of Lentiscellaare exposed  the Lion of Caprera, a schooner that in 1890-1891 crossed the Atlantic from Montevideo to Livorno.

Marina di Camerota is located along Highway 562, 8 km east of Palinuro, 5 by Camerota, 18 from San Giovanni a Piro, and about 90 from Salerno.

Fractions of Camerota are: Marina di Camerota, but also Lentiscosa and Licusati.

Events: 4 of August St. Domenico in Marina di Camerota; july S. Vincent in Camerota; 4 of September Santa Rosalia in Lentiscosa; 17/18 of May SS. Annunziata a Licusati.


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