Casal Velino

The town of Casal Velino is 84 km from Salerno and is divided into five parts: Casal Velino, Acquavella, Bivio of Acquavella or Quatro Ponti, Marina di Casal Velino, Vallo Scalo. 



The village of Casal Velino is located in the hills and is among the most beautiful and intact coastal Cilento. Its ancient origins are linked above all to the events of the depopulation of the city of Elea-Velia, in fact there are many existing tracks linking the cities of the ancient village Parmenides and Zeno.

Casal Velino Marina is a small seaside village of ancient origins. Since ancient times the place was a port of the ancient city of Elea - Velia used for trade. Now the country is very developed for tourism and there are numerous hotel, residences, villages and farmhouses.

The village is also a marina / vessel and many businesses. There are trips to the caves of Palinuro and other areas Cilentane. To visit: The Chapel of St. Matthew to flumina duo (sec. IX, rebuilt in the seventeenth).


(News from web site Pro Loco di Casal Velino)


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