"... And what is that high cliff that seems paved to the top by campicelli as an elegant geometry? And why the grass, almost blue on that cliff, trascolorisce restless, like the one under the tattooing a glazed scorticatura? We will see later the other hip, naked and scabra is the Punta d'Agropoli ... "


                                                                       (foto Baia Trentova By Noitour-Nino Barretta)

Ungaretti so described, in 1932, the extraordinary spectacle offered by the promontory of Agropoli.

Cities that over the years has tried to exploit further its natural heritage, leads the Marine National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano, equipped with modern tourist facilities, such as to satisfy the most varied needs.

Tourists can enjoy the natural beauty and be immersed in an enchanting place where the call of history generates indescribable emotions. (Source: website Municipality of Agropoli)

The coastline extends for a length of about 3 km, is one of the sites of interest and includes the "rock of St. Francis," the rock of "Trentova" (the latter famous for the panoramic feature that sees him linked to the mainland by a thin strip of land a foot forward) and a series of small coves that there are up to the beautiful beach of Punta Vallone before Tresino.

Towards the north, instead extends a long beach (crossed by several streams) that reaches up to the archaeological area of Paestum. Agropoli is Blue Flag.


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