Cuccaro Vetere

Cuccaro Vetere (National Park of Cilento and Mountain Zone Lambro and Mingardo) is perched on top of a low hill, almost like a citadel. It can be easily accessed only from the northern part of a road that comes from SS.18. The center dominates south-east course High Lambro river and valleys below that gently slope into the sea of Palinuro.




Around the country there is an expanse of green olives, while behind the town extend woods of chestnut, oak and pine forests that emit the characteristic aroma of resin, where you can make relaxing and pleasant excursions, including abundant courses d ' water that make luxuriant vegetation.



The sweetness of the landscape with the surrounding hills cloaked in olive groves, orchards and brooms and the hospitality of Cuccaresi make this country an ideal place for those who love peace and contact with nature.

On 29 June they celebrate St. Peter Martyr.

In August famous is the "Palio of Ciuccio", the traditional event that evokes the traditions of country life Cilento start of the last century.


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