The small town of Lustra, charming town of ancient Cilento, has a landscape that drops from the slopes of Monte della Stella to the Alento valley that lends itself well to the cultivation of "Olivo", figs and grapes.
Recently the amenities of places has encouraged the spread of rural houses.

In addition to rural houses, spreading in Lustra, the economy of Lustra is based on the cultivation of vegetables, especially olives and vines.



In July, is celebrated in the Lustra patron: St. Antonio.

During the festival patron was still preparing the usual dishes of time, accompanying them with the habits and practices of the past.

I "mustacciuoli" and "pizza annosprata" are sweets which are used in all occasions, weddings, parties patron.

Fractions of Lustra: Selva, Ponti Rossi, Corticella and Rocca Cilento.



To visit the palaces and the beautiful Castell of Rocca. The castle of Rocca Cilento has a unique historical and architectural translation into stone and stratification of about a thousand years of history.

Documents oldest, in fact, speak of Castellum Cilenti, built by the Longobardi since 963.

In the territory of Lustra, precisely between the villages of San Martino and Rocca, was built the existing convent of S. Francesco of Friars Minor province of Salerno-Luke of the Immaculate Conception, also known as the "Convento di San Francesco della foresta".

The tradition attributes to San Bernardino of Siena foundation of the monastery, which occurred around 1427.


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