Magliano Vetere

The municipality of Magliano Vetere (National Park of Cilento and Mountain Zone of Calore Salernitano) includes a characteristically varied: it extends from east to west, from Calore valley to Alento valley; at the center almost divided transversely presents a mountain limestone formation that extends from Mount Faito (1163 m.) at the Rupa della Noce (1165 m.) to the mountain of Saint Lucia (793 m.) Mount Ceglie (m. 743) and finally the hill, also limestone on which the castle Magliano Nuovo fraction that rises to an altitude of 729 meters.



By paths that are climbing up to the tip of the massive limestone enjoy views of extraordinary breadth: on one side looks there may push up the Gulf of Agropoli and the island of Capri, another can be a wide range of countries lies on the Calore valley and at the foot of the far Appennino and Cervati Mount.

Event: St. Lucia in September.

Absolutely to visit the cave chapels: St Mauro and Capizzo to S. Lucia to Magliano Vetere. These are two places of worship built fifteenth, but derived from the practice of solitary retreat in places carried on throughout the Middle Ages.

Fractions aof Magliano Vetere are Magliano Nuovo and Capizzo.


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