Moio della Civitella

Moio odella Civitella is a pretty low center of agricultural Cilento, located at the north slopes of Mount Sacro (1705 m), in the upper valley of the river Badolato, a tributary of the river left Alento. The village is upon the slopes of Mount Civitella (818 m).
The name derives from the Latin moggius or modium, bushel (ancient unit of measure agricultural). The specification "of Civitella" comes from the nearby Mount Civitella.



Moio of Civitella retains a very impressive archaeological site located on Civitella and protected from shady cool of a thick and luxuriant chestnut.
The excavations of Civitella reported the light from earth walls consist of large square blocks, fragments of tiles, vases, an arched gate and various foundations dating back to the fourth century BC.
The elements emerged suggest to a fortified, with control functions valleys converging toward the sea of Velia.
The City is part of the Cilento National Park and Mountain Zone Gelbison and Cervati.

July 26 - S. Veneranda
25 August - S. Bartholomew

Beginning August - Party People  - Festival of Wine - "Day together"


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