Monte San Giacomo

Monte San Giacomo stands on the "Serra la Manca" in front of the Valley of Calore river in the range of Diano, near the town of Sassano. It is part of the Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano and falls in the mountain community Vallo di Diano.



The name binds strongly to the cult of the saint. According to tradition, a company dedicated to religious worship of St. James, during a pilgrimage, stopping in the area and built a church here dedicated to the patron saint (St. James, which is celebrated July 25). On July 26 is celebrated St. Anne.

The typical dish of the area is "patan' e cicc": a "pesto" of stewed potatoes and beans which is added paprika. You can eat it with fried dried red peppers. Its origin is lost in the gastronomic culture of the community sangiacomese that exported this particular dish throughout the world.

The dish is celebrated each year during the festival on 28 and 29 of december.


March (23)  there is the "Festa della Primavera"
May: "Festa della Madonna dei Cerri"

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