Monteforte Cilento

Monteforte Cilento rises on high dell'Alento valley, south west of Mount Chianiello, in the western part of Cilento. It is in the Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano and is part of the Montana Area of Calore Salernitano.

Monteforte name derives from the Latin "mons fortis" (fortified hill) and is linked to the position of the country which, as mentioned, is located on the slopes of Mount Chianiello.

To visit the baronial palaces Gorga and Forte in the village of Monteforte.




Zone very beautiful are situated along the picturesque scenic road that leads from Trentinara. In the forest of Mount Chianiello are oaks, "cerri" and a thick maquis. From the top of Mount Chianiello you can continue with a long walk on the mountain Vesole.

On August 7 is celebrated S. Donato, protector of Monteforte.
In August there is the feast of kid.


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