Novi Velia

Novi Velia is located 24 km from Elea-Velia, the current fraction of Ascea.

The village rises to 648 m, along the road that Vallo della Lucania (at 3 km) leads to the Mount Gelbison and his shrine (about 7 km).




Absolutely to visit the Shrine of Our Lady of Mount "which is located on the slopes of Mount Gelbison 1706 m.

The Sanctuary of the Madonna del Sacro Monte on the mountain rises Gelbison the scene of an ancient pagan holy place. Probably the "Enotri" built a temple to their god, later identified by Era. Almost certainly the site was used at the time of the Saracens (Gelbison means "Monte dell'idolo").




Novi Velia is part of the Cilento National Park and the Community Area of Montana and Gelbison Cervati.

On Dec. 6 in Novi Velia is celebrating the patron saint, San Nicola of Bari.


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