Ogliastro Marina

Ogliastro Marina is fraction of Castellabate.

The Ogliastro Marina Bay and the island of Licosa, wrapped in a charming Mediterranean scrub (Pinus Alepensis loved ones among the Phoenicians, secular Pinus Pine and olives) and a sea enchanted (Blue Flag of Europe) complete the charming picture of the municipality.




Ogliastro Marina and the island of Punta Licosa are two of the best preserved areas of the Cilento coast and constitute a real cornerstone for the Italian environmental history.




The Marine Reserve of Punta Licosa is an area of marine biological protection that goes from Punta dell'Ogliastro to the Bay of Sambuco, in the wooded area of Tresino within the municipal boundaries between Castellabate and Agropoli.

In the months of July and August, the association Leucosia takes two concerts on the sea dedicated to the mythological siren Leucosia. The proscenium of this event is the sea channel separating the island from the mainland and concerts are performed on the vessel.

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