Petina (Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano and Mountain Area of Alburni) is located at the foot of Alburni, in the mountains Forloso and Pietralata, in a territory rich in forests of beech, oaks and pines and still today all the characteristics of a small medieval village, which seems glued to the slopes of Alburni.



The oldest part of the country, dating back to medieval, is located behind the Umberto I square, where there is the church dedicated to St. Nicholas of Bari and the town hall, in the ex Monaci palace.

Veri interesting are the structures "Old Fountain", which has three mouths water and constituted a meeting place and the "wash". The clear water and fresh, were fired from one of the many sources of Alburni.

The "Convent of St. Onofrio" dating back to the twelfth century, is the oldest monument in Petina, once a Benedictine abbey and place of prayer of the Saints Onofrio and Donato. Now in a state of abandonment, but for some six centuries pivot of reference for all the surrounding areas, where he lived and has sanctified the young benedictine S. Donated by Ripacandida Protector of Auletta.

The feast of St. Onofrio, patron of the country which is celebrated on 1 and Aug. 2.

Do not miss the "Festival of wild strawberry", which is celebrated on the last Sunday of June.


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