Piaggine is a small town in the interior of the heart Cilento National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano able to offer visitors incomparable scenic beauty.


The name Piaggine derives from Piaggia (from the latin plage, the late latin plagiarism) in relation to these beaches on the banks of the Calore river, or Chiaine from the Latin "glarea" which means debris or breaches of the river itself.

The town of Piaggine (Mountain Zone Calore Salernitano) stands on various slopes, sloping down toward the river to 630 m. above sea level, protected by the imposing bulk of Mount Cervati and surrounded by the typical landscape of south Appennino, with alternate grassland and woods to the typical Mediterranean scrub.

The old town is a charming collection of stone houses, with many noble palaces dating back to eighteenth who are engraved in the cornerstone  the badges of families of the place. We recall the great architectural value Vairo palace, Tommasini palace and Bruno palace.

Along the Calore river open evocative glimpses of nature, which make trips in search of specimens rare flora and fauna local. 

Absolutely to visit Mount Cervati (the "Dolomiti southern"): a mass-dolomitic limestone which takes its name from deer, found in woods at the foot of the mountain until the last World War (when restocking). The Cervati is the highest peak of Campania and remains one of the most intact of National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano, with the landscapes ranging from lavender to the grasslands of beech and almost impenetrable, until tops that were almost 2000 meters of altitude. 

The highest part of Mount Cervati, a kind of plateau, which rises above the altitude forests, presents a continuous succession of rounded peaks separated by huge craters elongated nature of karst. In mid-May the basins, for the dissolution of snow, many lakes formed circular.
Very impressive is the Temponi Forest: a beech wood initial, not touched by the hand of man, growing at 1770 meters on greenhouse Cervati and covers thousands of hectares of high trunk full alternate Arctic flora to the Mediterranean flora, with presence of gray-white birches, junipers pungent, colorful and fragrant meadows of lavender.

A natural complex capable of giving refuge to a wildlife major, who sees the presence of wild cat, wolf, the grackle coral and black woodpecker, a real rarity of the Apennine ridge.

On Cervati to visit the cave of the "Madonna della neve".

Among huge karst phenomena, woods, porcini mushrooms and perennial sources, the "Monte Cervati" offers time adventure for those who love trekking on foot, on horseback or by bike.

Found in three locations: the path of Calore sources, the path of top Cervati and the Tempa Major.



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