Polla (Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano and Mountain Community Vallo di Diano) is the northern entrance of Vallo di Diano, in a plain crossed by Tanagro River, a tributary of the Sele, to 460 m in altitude.

There are two versions of the origin of the name Polla. According to local tradition in the area was returned to a mausoleum at the time of Nerone achieved by the will of his widow, Insteia Polla. Historians incorrectly interpret the signing of women, meaning that the temple was dedicated to Apollo and therefore considered that the name of the country derived from the veneration of this deity. It 'much more likely that the name derives from several "pools of water" in the area.




Two mountain ranges bordering the configuration of the country: the mountains east of Maddalena, representing the eastern buttresses of Vallo di Diano, to the west te relief of St. Thomas, extreme southern extension of the group Alburno.



Places to visit in the village of Polla are:

- The monuments of the Roman Age (The Lapis Pollae, The Termine Graccano, Mausoleum of Caio Uziano Rufo,  the Roman bridge)

- The Monuments of Medieval and Modern Age (La Romita Chapel of St. Anthony Abbot, The Church of St. Nicholas Latini, The Shrine of St. Anthony, The War Memorial, Park of Remembrance)

- The Palace (The Castle, Manganelli-Barres-Ripa palace, Galloppa palace, Palmieri palace in Luigi Curto street, Parisi palace in Parco street, Albirosa palace in Parco street, La Taverna del Passo, Rubertini palace and the municipal palace)

In Polla there are many sources in very beautiful places to be achieved through natural routes. The mountainous eastern side is the one that has offered and still offers the highest number of spring pools along the chain of Maddalena who fed, over time, and still single fuel tanks and fountains.



To visit: the Cave of Polla, the sources of Sant'Antuono, of San Costantino, of Mount Sarconi, of Our Lady of Loreto, of the Spina, La Rotonda Fountain, the Risorgenza in the Campo of San Giovanni in Carrara location, the Risorgenza Marzaniello, the Source of St. Thomas,
The Source of the Forest and the Fountain of Praticello.

On December 6 is celebrated in Polla S. Nicola


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