Pollica is located on the southern slopes of Mount Stella, sloping down to the sea between the tip Licosa and the mouth of the river Alento. At the foot of a hill (Serra di Mulino a vento - Wind Mill), on which was the original nucleus, then abandoned.

The fractions of Pollica are among the best known and popular tourist destinations of Cilento: Acciaroli and Pioppi.



                                                                                                                  (foto Museo By Noitour-Nino Barretta)

Along the coast, in fact, there are the tourist resort of Acciaroli, south-west, on a short rocky promontory, and Pioppi south-east, at the mouth of the river valley Mortella.

Acciaroli keep a church of the XII century (Santissima Annunziata), a Franciscan convent of 1565 and a Norman tower sighting.



For certain periods of 1952, during his travels Italians, in the resort stayed the Nobel laureate Ernest Hemingway.

The country receives, for many years, for the quality of its waters the "5 sails" of Legambiente and the Blue Flag beaches together with fraction of Pollicae Pioppi.

Pioppi is a typical village of Cilento is a famous seaside resort for water. It houses the palace Vinciprova (XII century), the "Museo del Mare Vivo" where it plays the festival of Mediterranean diet.


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