Sala Consilina

Sala Consilina (Mountain Community Vallo di Diano) is a large common of Vallo di Diano to the borders with Basilicata. At the foot of Mount Cavallo, member of the Massif Maddalena, along the Tanagro.



To visit the many churches in Sala Consilina: Church of Sant'Eustachio, Grancia of San Lorenzo, Chapel of St. Joseph, St. Stephen's Church, Church of St. Peter.

Very beautiful the Paleo-Christian Baptistery of San Giovanni in Fonte.

Attractions in the center of Sala Consilina are also Acciaro Palace with its portal and other ancient buildings including the Grammatico palace, Bove and Vannata Palaces.

It is possible also visit the Antiquarium in which are exposed corredi tomb from the local necropolis, with remains of iron.

The Norman castle of Sala Consilina is placed on top of a hill compared to its remaining isolated village of Sala. Important are still the remains of walls and towers stretches of the walls.




Interesting the forests of Sala Consilina that has an extension of about 2,500 hectares. Mostly this is cerro woods, but there are large extensions of beech and alder Naples.

There are numerous religious festivals. The most important is the one held in recent days, 28, 29 and 30 Sept. at St. Michael, patron saint of Sala Consilina.

The typical dish of Sala, linked in particular to the substantial production of vegetables, is represented by polenta and broccoli, while among the traditional dishes, widely advertised throughout the area have to remember: fried potatoes with peppers dried, lagane and chickpeas, pork offal (or veal) with peppers fried pickles.


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