The village of Sanza, whose vast territory is very substantial part of the Comunity Mountain 'Vallo di Diano' and the Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano for its floral and faunal wealth as well as historical and environmental, is the front door Cilento south for those who come through the SS 517 after leaving the "Autostrada del Sole" (Highway A3) at the Padula-Buonabitacolo.

To visit the Church of Assunta, the Chapel of Sant 'Antonio, the bell tower of San Martino, the Chapel of Our Lady of the Snow and Church of St. Francis of Assisi, the Chapel of San Vito and the many beautiful buildings and alleys.




The main mountain peaks are Mount Cervato and the Monte Centaurino.
Going from town to Mount Cervati can make spectacular walking and hiking paths: the variety of nature, healthy climate and beautiful views that in a few days, arriving in the Gulf of Policastro.
Very interesting is the inghiottitoio (affondatoio) of Vallevona (400-meter tunnel).

Thw municipal patron on August 5. is: the Madonna of the Snow (Madonna di Cervati), which falls on the shoulders until the country through the roads of Cervato Moun.

In August, also at Sanza is the festival of "cavatieddi" and of Roasted meat.


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