Sessa Cilento

Sessa Cilento is on the eastern slopes of Mount Stella.
It is part of the Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano and Mountain Zone Alento Monte Stella. Sessa fractions are San Mango, Santa Lucia, Valle Cilento and Casigliano.

Probably the name derives from the Latin saxum (rock) and refers to the Mount Stella.



To see the ancient palaces of Sessa including De Marco palace (in Santa Lucia), Coccoli palace, Giordano palace, Lebano Palace and Botti palace.

Interesting also th church ofSessa: the church of Saint Lucia (in Santa Lucia), the Church of Santo Stefano and the Church of Santa Maria delle Valletelle.

On Aug. 3 we celebrate St. Stephen, patron of Sessa Cilento.

In July there is the Castello Festival, in mid-August there is the festival of traditional products, on 18-20 August there is the Campagnola festival, while in December (the first decade) is the local fair.


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