Among the historic centers of the province of Salerno, Teggiano is certainly one that has best retained its old stronghold physiognomy. It is part of the Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano and the Mountain Community of Vallo di Diano. The ancient name of the country is Diano, from which the term "Vallo di Diano."

It's especially in the Middle Ages that the then Diano (today Teggiano) had a predominant role in the history of Vallo di Diano. Indeed the powerful Sanseverino family built the castle and elected a stronghold where they can escape in case of danger.

The municipality is located at the center of Vallo di Diano, and the town of Teggiano rises on a hill, terminal strip of chain Alburni Mountains, which dominates the plateau valdianese which are located in the municipality of 6 fractions of Teggiano: Facofano, Macchiaroli , Pantano, Piedimonte, Prato Perillo and San Marco.




To visit the beautiful old town and in particular the Diocesan Museum San Pietro, the Museum of Herbs and Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions. To see Castle of Teggiano and the many beautiful churches in the country (including the Church of St. Andrew, the Church of St. Peter, the Church of San Francesco and the Cathedral of the XIII century).

In mid-August absolutely not miss the medieval feasts "At the Table of Princess Constance." Antonello Sanseverino in 1480, the Prince of Salerno and Lord of Diano married Constance, daughter of Federico da Montefeltro, the great Duke of Urbino.

In memory of this event, to relive the glory and magnificence, the Pro Loco of Teggiano each year organizes this medieval festival in mid-August, with historical parades, flag-wavers, musicians, minstrels, jugglers and so on. and can be tasted through an established, the culinary delights of the many taverns specially organized.


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