Torchiara is between the Alento valley and the plains of Testene and Solofrone.

It is part of Mountain Area Alento Monte Stella.

Probably the name originates from the word "torchio" (from the Latin) used in the area to squeeze the bunches of grapes. According to others the name comes from the sky clear and sunny sky that dominates the area.



To visit the Pavone Palace, the Torre Palace, the Baronial Palace De Conciliis, De Vita Palace, Albini Palace, the Tower Mangoni, Siniscalchi palace, De Feo palace. Very beautiful churches including the Church of San Bernardino and the Church of Santissimo Salvatore.

Torchiara is known for the cultivation of vines, of "ulivo" and in particular of fig. In fact in August there is the Festival of Figs and Prosciutto, in Sant'Antuono of Torchiara.

Fractions of Torchiara are Copersito, San Teodoro and Sant'Antuono.

On Aug. 6 they celebrate the Santissimo Salvatore.


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