Pisciotta is an ancient medieval village situated on a hill overlooking the sea gently declines. The origins of the name derived from Pixoctum that you had then "Pixocta", "Pissocta" and then "Pisciotta". Surrounded by olive groves centuries, the country enjoys a breathtaking view on one of the most beautiful coast of Cilento.




From the main square through alleys and stairways characteristic, you can be reached at the highest in the country, "Castle" (Palazzo Marchesale) from which to enjoy the beautiful sea view and then continue along the path (all pedestrian) to the Cathedral Church (SS. Peter and Paul).




Ancient gates and charming alleys there to accompany silent "Pendino," one of the oldest areas of the country from which we can begin the walk to "Marina di Pisciotta". It is recommended, the tourist route from the country Pisciotta Marina, along a road surrounded by olive trees and Mediterranean scrub. In a few minutes you are on the port of Marina di Pisciotta.



"Marina di Pisciotta" is a typical fishing village where time seems to stand still. A port facilities, small and typical bar and one of the most beautiful beaches of Cilento.
The recognition as the Sea Blue Flag certified that the beaches Pisciotta are among the most clean and beautiful in Italy.

Completing the town of Pisciotta fractions Caprioli (bordering Palinuro) with its extraordinary sandy coast and Rhodium that the legend originated from a settlement of the Knights of Rhodes, a small village perched among the hills very suggestive.

On August 10 a Pisciotta country celebrates the patron S. Aniello Abate, the festivities start on June 9 and ends on August 11. On 8 September in Marina di Pisciotta is celebrated "Madonna of Portosalvo" with an impressive procession by sea.


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