Montesano sulla Marcellana

Montesano sulla Marcellana is one of the 14 municipalities that are part of the Mountain Community "Vallo di Diano, a few kilometers away from Teggiano, medieval center of great cultural interest, from Pertosa headquarters wonderful caves and Padula, which, with its magnificent and imposing Certosa San Lorenzo, is a destination for an increasing number of tourists. Neighbors Padula, Buonabitacolo, Sanza and Casalbuono (province of Salerno), with Lagonegro, Moliterno and Tramutola (province of Potenza).

Montesano is situated on a mountain chain Maddalena (southern Apennines) to about 850 m. s.l.m.




Of particular interest are the caves of S. Angelo at Lucito, to visit the unspoiled beauty.

A border Sanza and Casalbuono extends the rich forest "Cerreta-Cognole", secure place for certain forms of flora and fauna endangered.

To visit the old town of Montesano sulla Marcellana with its churches, including the church of Santa Anna who, with his imposing size, dominates the square outside and around the urban context that surrounds it. Of great interest is the Abbey of Santa Maria di Cadossa, ecclesiastical complex dating back to 1000 that lies south of Montesano, rather pleasant, rich in water and vegetation.

Montesano fractions are Tardiano and Magorno (places famous for the production of cheese and salami), Prato Comune (with spas and a water bottling trace elements), Arenabianca (where there has been a significant increase in residential) and Montesano Scalo.


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