Ogliastro Cilento

Ogliastro Cilento rises on a hill not far from the sea, to the left of Solofrone and right of Alento river.

It is part of Mountain Area Alento Monte Stella.
Fractions of Ogliastro Cilento are Eredita and Finocchito.

The name Ogliastro derives from wild olive trees in the area (from the latin oleaster). According to tradition, the town was founded at the end of the Middle Ages by Agropoli residents fleeing from the Saracens raids, who led the occupation of nel'882 coastal village.



To see the Church of San Nazario, in the small village of Finocchito, the church of Santa Croce, the Convent of San Leonardo and the ancient buildings like the Palazzo De Falco (XV sec.) and the beautiful Palazzo De Stefano (photo on the right) .


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