Orria rises on a ridge between the valleys of Orria and Cerreto, in the Cilento. Orria is part of the Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano and falls in the Community Area of Montana and Gelbison Cervati.

Orria is composed of two towns: Orria and Piano Vetrale. The village of Orria there is a vast area of internal Cilento, as the area of Mount Stella and territories of Gioi and Salento. Piano Vetrale, famous for murals that adorn it, is a small urban area, consisting of two separate countries once, Piano and Vetrale.



To see the Sanctuary of Santa Sunday, the Chapel of Our Lady of Grace, the Church of St. Felice and the baronial palace Gugliucci. At Piano Vetrale must visit the Church of St. Sofia, Church St. Elia and the famous Murals (in honor of Paolo de Matteis).


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