Santa Marina

Santa Marina is situated in the southern Cilento and known for its greater portion, which Policastro Bussentino. It is part of the Cilento National Park and the Mountain Area Bussento.

The town of Santa Marina is located at 425 m above sea level on the slopes of Tempone Mount, overlooking the valley of Bussento and the Gulf of Policastro, the southern limit of the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano. The fraction Policastro is on the coast below.



The fraction of Policastro Bussentino is located on the tyrrhenian coast and it is now home of a tourist port. The other 2 fractions are Lupinata and Poria.

On June 18 there is the patron festival in honor of Santa Marina (hence the name of the country).

To visit the Castle of Policastro (built in VII century by Byzantines) and the walls (of Greek time).

At Policastro (known seaside resort from the beautiful beaches), to vosit the beautiful cathedral and its crypt.


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